Geraldine Olivier, Mark Bender And Kerstin Merlin In The Star Talk

Radio VHR – stars & stories in the current issue of the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR are Merlin to guest in the interview Geraldine Olivier, mark Bender and Kerstin. Geraldine Olivier the sympathetic singer from the Switzerland has experienced much in the last 15 years. Their lives by the Secretary in the diplomatic service in a successful artist’s life has changed from one day to the next. Your CV has been completely rewritten in 1995 and with today’s evergreen “take you once again time”. With the winning of the Grand Prix der volksmusik 1995 has taken professional career as a singer they in Vienna. Since that day, she has dedicated her life and the profession only singing and stage. With moving into their new homeland “Schleswig-Holstein” – the country has between the seas – Geraldine Olivier made a very special discovery.

The large maritime hits of the 50’s and 60’s. In its anniversary year it has re-recorded now 13 titles under the title “A ship will come” and are daring even to the very special songs, such as “Passed, forgotten, over” or “the guitar and the sea”. With her magnificent voice sounds Geraldine Olivier these wonderful melodies new and breathes new life into them. Their particular interpretation of this dream melodies the terms such as homesickness and wanderlust gives a whole new dimension. Mark Bender is it since the early of 1990s in the music business actively. He is a singer, lyricist, composer, songwriter and producer. He has written countless songs for Ireen sheer, Roland Kaiser, Lena Valaitis and others and, of course, for yourself.

His passion is above all the country music. He won the “American Horizon Award” as the first non-American. in 1993 he founded his own record label “Rosewood music” and published also his current album “Anyone”. Kerstin Merlin already five years old she had her first television appearance as a singer at the legendary ‘Sandman’.

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