Hot Autumn At Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann

Show with pop star Mel Ramos from the United States In October presented the Kunsthaus Zimmermann and Heitmann in Dortmund the works of pop artist Mel Ramos. As a joke, he was thinking the hallmark of American artist today is what was originally. The pin-up girls in combination with American products have it by the promotional stunt”to internationally renowned works of art done. With his rebellious and sensational works of art, Mel Ramos gained international anchor identifier as a successful pop artists. From 7 October 2010 the works of pop Mel Ramosnun rebels are exclusively the Dortmund indoors the Gallery Zimmermann & Heitmann.

Under interested can already get a taste of the characteristic works of the famous pop artist. (Duration up to 23.10.2010) Originally opened in 1879 as a bookbinder, the Gallery of Zimmermann & Heitmann has exhibition space in three locations today several 100 m distributed. First on framing and Restoration specialist business has been in over the years more advanced and presented numerous works of various artists in a stylish atmosphere now in regular exhibitions. If there is something for every taste modern graphics or lithographs at the exhibitions in the gallery. Also rare originals can be found by Carpenter and Hameed in the showrooms. In the offer of the Gallery includes works by artists such as Andy Warhol, James Rizzi, Elvira Bach, and Jac are represented.

Of course, the exhibits not only in the three branches of the Gallery, but also online are presented. In addition to a virtual presentation of all exhibits, art lovers see interesting information to the respective artists. So you can conveniently online to admire the numerous exhibits in the Gallery Zimmermann & Heitmann from home and purchase directly online on request via the website. Zimmermann & Heitmann Gallery is the international art trade since 1879 worked. The headquarters is in the Centre of Dortmund and is headed by Tobias Heitmann in the 4th generation. Branches are located in the Dusseldorf Konigsallee and a showroom in London. World-renowned artists such as Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Mel Ramos and James Rizzi will be shown. The portfolio also Udo Lindenberg, Volker Kuhn, David include Gerstein, Jim Avignon, Elvira Bach, Gunter Uecker and Jorg Doring. Tobias Heitmann Zimmermann & Heitmann GmbH

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