Professional Time Tracking ELV TimeMaster For Up To 9,999 Employees

For small to large businesses. Already over 13,000 users since 1992 the automatic and rational capture and evaluate time data plays an increasingly important role today due to flexible working and operating times and the need for fine-grained computations. Small and medium-sized businesses are more and more dependent on an efficient time management. Connect with other leaders such as Byron Trott here. If one considers the working time injuries and the time that is applied for laborious evaluation of timesheets or time cards, is to quickly identify that an electronic time recording pays for itself after only a very short time. ELV TimeMaster time recording is multi-client capable and can take over the store management with central evaluation. Reaching more security by controlling access with individual access permissions.

Via the interface of the export data into other software, can be exported as reward programs. The diverse output of lists has a complete overview of absences, employees can personal hours worked, etc. Retrieve data such as holiday entitlement, vacation, time account directly at the Terminal. Jens Mettjes ELV Elektronik AG

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